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Koji Ozawa

Ozawa, Kaneko and Associates LLP (As formerly Ozawa and Associates) was established in December 2019 as accounting firm for the purpose of accounting and tax support of US-Japanese related companies operating in the United States.

Koji Ozawa, the managing partner of Ozawa, Kaneko and Associates LLP, has been working in Silicon Valley, the center of the high-tech industry, since 2020.

The other partner, Yayoi Kaneko, has been working in Silicon Valley since 1998 as a CPA providing services both U.S and Japanese companies.

We specialize in providing business support such as assurance services, due diligence, tax services and other consulting services.

Many people and companies in Japan are trying to enter the market in Silicon Valley, a heaven for entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs who will lead the next generation are now boldly taking on challenges here in the United States.

Ozawa, Kaneko and Associates LLP provides accounting and tax services for all of you in the United States.

As an accounting firm that can provide timely and flexible professional services in the new normal era in challenging COVID-19 situation, we will strive every day to contribute to your success.

Koji Ozawa
CPA, Managing Partner of Ozawa, Kaneko and Associates LLP