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I. Financial statement audit, review, compilation work

1. Financial Statement Audits(US GAAP, IFRS)

We offer audit services for financial statements of US subsidiaries and unlisted venture companies. We will carry out subsidiary audits in cooperation with the parent company auditor, such as group audits of Japanese consolidated subsidiaries. We also provide audit services to Japanese venture companies established in the United States.

2. Review engagements

We provide review engagements for the financial statements of US subsidiaries and unlisted venture companies.

Review engagement services for financial statements are limited assurance services in order to increase the reliability of the financial statements for the users of the financial statements. They provide a level of limited assurance to the users of financial statements as the result of the procedures that auditors use to review the financial statements.

The reviewer’s conclusions are expressed on the basis of the limited assurances obtained by the practitioner and differ from the reasonable assurances obtained by the auditor in the case of a financial statements audit. The review report describes the nature of the review work so that users of the review report can better understand the conclusions of these practitioners.

3. Compilation engagements

We will perform compilation services based on the financial statements provided by the client.

A compilation engagement aims to assist the management in presenting financial data in the form of statements. Compilation engagements do not provide assurance that the statements have conformed to accepted accounting principles. Compilations requires the accountant to gain knowledge of the business including the financial accounting systems applied and prepare the financial information as financial statements. Compilation engagements do not require the auditor to provide an opinion on the accuracy of the statements presented. While independence is paramount in audit and review engagements, accountants do not have to be independent of the business in question to perform a compilation engagement.