Formed a partnership with PRO-VIDER Consulting LLC and became an Affiliated group of PRO-VIDER COSULTING Group.

Mrs. Yayoi Kaneko, the representative of PRO-VIDER CONULTING LLC, was my supervisor in the MOSS ADAMS LLP and EOS Accountants LLP, and She has been supporting Japanese companies as an accountant in Silicon Valley over 19 years. We are pleased to inform you that we will continue to cooperate in the fields of accounting, taxation, and consulting while continuing to cooperate. We will continue to provide services to customers in the Bay Area while making the best use of our respective areas of expertise.

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Yayoi Kaneko, CPA
Managing Director

Pro-Vider Consulting LLC
Pro-Vider Japan GK

Tel: +81-(0) 50-5534-8675
Cell: +81-(0) 90-3081-8413 (Japan)
Cell: + 1-415-516-1143 (U.S.)