In April 2021, with Ms. Yayoi Kaneko as a partner, Ozawa and Associates will change the firm name to Ozawa, Kaneko and Associates LLP and restart as a new organizational structure (new name is going to use in April 1st, 2021) .

Yayoi Kaneko is a former partner at EOS Accountants LLP and current managing director of PRO-VIDER Consultants LLC, an Affiliate Group of Ozawa and Associates.

She has been engaged in audits, review services and consulting service for Japanese companies in Silicon Valley for many years and is familiar with the accounting and tax matters of high-tech companies. Ozawa and Associates will welcome her as a partner, further strengthen the service, and provide better service to our customers. We will continue to do our best with the motto of putting customers first, with the support and cooperation of everyone.

Sincerely yours.
Koji Ozawa, CPA, President of Ozawa and Associates