From July 16th 2022, Yushi Hotaka  joined Ozawa, Kaneko and Associates LLP as a new partner.

After graduating from university in New York in 2008, Yushi Hotaka experienced accounting audits, accounting services, and consulting for major Japanese trading companies / companies’ US subsidiaries and non-profit organizations at a Japanese accounting firm in New Jersey in 2017. Moved the base to San Francisco Bay Area, and as the same team member with Koji Ozawa and Yayoi Kaneko, engaged in audits, reviews and accounting services for major Japanese companies such as US subsidiaries, startups, venture capital, etc., and J-Sox support for US subsidiaries.

We welcome him as a partner of Ozawa, Kaneko and Associates LLP, who has gained tremendous trust from clients based on his abundant experience in New York and Silicon Valley, and will further enhance the service to clients. Please look forward to his future success.

Sincerely yours